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It takes more than content and desire.
We design innovations that do more.

People long for personal growth, but too often fail to succeed and stay on their journey. Lifelab Studios was founded on the optimistic premise that people want to do great things, that relationships catalyze growth, and that innovations can be harnessed to connect people to the ideas, opportunities, and supportive communities so that they can thrive.

Our design solutions bring together what we know about human learning, relationship, and innovation. We partner with individuals, organizations, and communities to collaboratively build personalized growth opportunities that focus on goals that individuals want to achieve, as well as integrating these into existing organizations. 

People grow when they feel inspired, supported, valued, and validated.

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Because everyone deserves to Thrive! 

Journey.do, formally known as ThriveCast, is our connected growth platform, designed in partnership with Arizona State University to motivate positive change within supportive communities. Journey.do harnesses the power of relationship, choice, and reputation, along with insights from the gaming industry, social media, psychology and what we know about how people learn.

What We Offer

Lifelab Studios is led by an exceptional team of learning scientists, platform engineers, and successful entrepreneurs. We provide the following services to power people, organizations, and communities to thrive.

Growth Platform

We offer the Journey.do connected growth platform, designed from the ground up to motivate positive change within supportive communities. Journey.do harnesses the power of relationship, choice, and reputation, along with insights from the gaming industry, social media, psychology and what we know about how people learn.

Design Services

We partner with you to identify needs, build or adapt content, and create applied growth opportunities as part of personal journeys. Our powerful platform-based design tools and thrive methodology allows you to build growth invitations that matter to your community. The focus is on people thriving, not consuming content.

Ecosystem Support

You utilize the services that are needed by you, allowing large and small organizations (even individuals) to power your community using our platform services. We are also growing a B2C marketplace, matching customers to relevant growth journeys and expanding the market reach of partner content.

Research Analytics

We use data analytics to examine your community engagement, and work with you to iterate designs and services to maximize community impact. These data relate to individual designs, particular community members, or even to compare groups supported by different leaders so that you can optimize your impact.


I felt really connected to my classmates. It was so inspiring to see what they were doing, and receive comments from people like me on my ideas. What I learned mattered.

Educational Class at ASU

ASU Graduate Student

At first I was like "not another system telling me what was wrong with me. But, then, the platform asked me to use my voice and the feedback was on my struggle." 

Positive Change in Maricopa Corrections

Justice-Involved Youth

Power Your Community to Thrive


Where We Play

We offer a full range of services and capabilities to support diverse organizations, partners, and even individuals who may wish to leverage our products and services to fuel the growth of their communities.   

Juvenile Corrections

We work with justice-involved youth and officers in designing and supporting our positive change platform with growth opportunities in areas such as life skills, character, sobriety, wellness, education, and relationships. As youth chart their own paths through these skills, they earn positive reputations for the good they do, and achieve micro-certs to demonstrate their positive change to the judge, their family, and employers.

Professional Organizations

Our platform creates personalized small communities for professional development, connecting members in common growth goals, within their building or across states. Journey.do supports teachers across CA, TX, and UT around Human Trafficking Awareness, to build protective factors for their classrooms, and inspire one another with shared practices. We also support new teachers in growing skills and support.

Faith Organizations

Faith-based learning and spiritual growth can extend beyond buildings and over the week as members connect and grow around weekly topics and larger themes. Congregations support personalized spiritual growth, where each member has voice, while providing meaningful data to the leadership about impact and needs. We have diverse curriculum for adults and youth, supporting Faith, Purpose, and Relationships.

Formal Learning Institutions 

Our platforms are tailored to innovative school courses, whole child education, capstones, and special events from middle and high school, private and religious schools, university classes and graduate courses. One innovative high school developed Microcerts being offered to other schools. A Jesuit high school created a voting day event to engage students in ‘doing’ Democracy, resulting in 1000s of shared stories and school MicroCerts.

Project partners include ...

"People don't thrive in isolation, they need to be  seen, connected, and valued for their efforts."  - Anna Arici, PhD

How We Differ

Our design solutions bring together what we know about human learning, relationship, and innovation. Instead of placing traditional learning within an innovative technology, we have built a transformative learning framework that leads with learners and their real-world applications. Built on decades of research about how people learn and in partnership with Arizona State University, we leverage a patent-pending framework that involves four components.

Start with Why

People need to care about why they are learning, which starts with a real-world goal that they want to achieve.

Connect to Others

By connecting to people and community stories, learners engage a diversity of models for what they might do.

Learn to Thrive

Powerful ideas and expert know-how are positioned as tools to empower people towards achieving goals that they value.

Share Your Story

People need to feel valued and validated for what they are able to achieve, sharing their impact to inspire others.

At Journey.do, we flip learning on its head and start with what learners want to achieve. They then learn as part of small communities, working together, and sharing their struggles and successes as they support each other to grow.

Why Choose Us


Thrive Learning

Grounded in the Learning Sciences, we have developed patent-pending, research-based insights and growth frameworks to support your community success.


Powerful Technology

Our first-class engineers and game designers have built innovative technology solutions using a micro-services architecture within a mobile platform.


Custom Services

We work with you to build growth opportunities, and integrate it into your ecosystem with research cycles so that you can optimize decisions for member impact.

Project partners include ...