Our Team

 LifeLab Studios is led by an exceptional team of learning scientists, platform engineers, and successful entrepreneurs.

Our Intention

To unlock the potential of every human being to become all they were meant to be ... and to do so in the context of relationship.

Our Mission

Powering people, organizations, and communities to thrive.

Our Vision

A world in which people with common goals can come together to engage the ideas, platforms, and supportive communities to pursue their passions, achieve their goals, and learn from one another as they share their experiences to inspire others.

Triple-Bottom Line Studio

We are part of a growing movement towards triple-bottom line studios in which there are multiple drivers beyond financial returns. For us, we began with the goal of social impact and that remains our most important driver, although different projects might fulfill one or more drivers in different ways.


Social Impact

We are driven by the company mission to power people, organizations and communities to thrive. This is our Priority 1 driver, and is our first consideration.


Financial Return

It is our goal to succeed, providing an innovative growth platform and in a way that is sustainable and scalable to reach our social impact goals. 


Knowledge Generation

We grew out of the university and remain committed to transforming how people grow, providing an innovative example and sharing lessons learned.

Our Talent

Sasha Barab
Chief Executive Officer

Sasha Barab is executive Director of the Center, and a Professor in the School for the Future of Innovation in Society and the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College at Arizona State University. His research has resulted in numerous grants, over a hundred articles and chapters in books, researching knowing and learning in its material, social and cultural context. 

Walter Kalata
Chief Technical Officer

Walter’s passion is in building large-scale interactive systems which enable people to connect in a meaningful way. Walter formerly served as the CTO of Texasholdem.com, he designed and architected an interactive system which enabled tens of thousands of players to interact and engage each other on a fun and robust gaming platform

Lisa Dare
Chief Strategy Officer

Lisa brings 15 years of strategy and operations experience; she has worked at senior levels at the NYC Department of Education and the College Board and has consulted for numerous start-ups, supporting many from the ground up. Lisa is a graduate of the Broad Residency in Urban Education and she has her MBA from Harvard Business School.

Anna Arici
Research Scientist

Dr. Anna Arici is Research Faculty in the School for the Future of Innovation in Society at ASU. She has been researching learning environments for the past two decades.

Zach Ripka
Senior Engineer 

Zach uses a variety of skills to tie together our various applications and services. He also spends time mentoring and working through designs/user experience.

Lex Williams
Junior Programmer

Lex has worked on various growth modules with a focus on empowering all voices. Her current work focuses on coding front end views. She also designs political cartoons.

Steve Sipprell
Junior Programmer

Steven is a game designer and engineer who worked on immersive games, and is now working on the growth platform. He also builds media and does usability on the platform.

Rider Griffin
Junior Programmer

Rider manages growth-based curriculum in H5P, lays groundwork for end-to-end testing, oversees sound effects within studio games, and works with the ThriveCast platform development process.

Rona Gallardo
Usability Technician

Rona does most usability for the platform, checking new features, designed grows, and making sure the platform runs smoothly and as expected. Also, doing similar work for around brand consistency.

Our Board

Michael Angst
Fiduciary Board
Eline Media, CEO
Scott Beck
Fiduciary Board
Gloo, CEO
Ashlie Bryant

Advisory Board

3Strands, CEO

Matthew Davis
Advisory Board
Gloo, Business Development
Nichole Pinkard
Advisory Board
Professor, Northwestern
Tom Vander Ark
Advisory Board
Getting Smarter, CEO

Our Core Values

Put Users First

Create Trust

Value Relationships

Empower Voice

Celebrate Success

Be Interoperable